Psalm Sheet Music dress

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Hymn sheet music: movie-like dark red fish bone dress.

This is a re-enactment of a red velvet dress that we kept privately many years ago. Because the original red velvet fabric is not suitable for summer, and the velvet short sleeves are really unrealistic, so this one has been improved and dark Red imitation citrus acetate.

It can be regarded as a private server to share~ This fabric is really suitable for this kind of low-key gorgeous dress, the gloss of imitation acetate is different from that of satin: It is not too reflective, it is the kind of slight luster, very high-grade texture, showing different red under different light, it is difficult to restore the color seen by the naked eye in photos: under warm light, it presents a layered sense of warm red, bright red in the sun. Indoors and under cloudy light, it is a low-key dark red, which seems to be a kind of emotional red, which can be publicized or silent.

In terms of tailoring, the design of fishbone + large lotus leaf collar is adopted, which can well show the advantages of the girl's figure curve and collarbone.

Confined, many herringbone corsets will also be designed with laces. We arranged a separate belt for everyone, which can be tied at the thinnest part of the waist to elongate the proportion of the legs (you can also wear it without the belt).

The combination of pinched waist + large skirt can perfectly show the girl's body curve ~ Fishbone dresses cost more than ordinary dresses, It just so happens that this one takes a lot of material (big lapel + big skirt + hem splicing), The cost really makes my heart bleed...

The matching heart-shaped ancient gold detachable brooch adds a sense of retro details.

The back has a design that does not interrupt the collar and a zipper in the middle, so there will be no trouble with the side zipper getting stuck on the ribs.

The spliced ​​skirt is romantic and extravagant (it also costs a lot of fabric), and it’s really beautiful when it turns around~

Note: Because everyone’s body proportions are different, and the upper body is supported by fish bones, the position of the neckline may not be perfect for everyone! Please take off the brooch when washing to protect the brooch and prolong its life~

• Handwash your garment gently using warm water and a mild detergent, rinse.
• Squeeze out excess water from the fabric with care.
• Hang the garment to dry away from direct sunlight and heat.
• Iron the garment when it is slightly damp for best results.

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