Waldena collectible boned corset & cotton French dress set

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*Our sizing may differ from EU/US/UK/AU standards. To avoid discrepancies, please check the Size Chart below first.

Size Chart


Size Length Waist Bust Length
XS 62 48-58 65-75 /
S 63 52-62 69-79 /
M 64 56-66 73-83 /
L 65 60-70 77-87 /
XL 66 64-74 81-91 /

Corset fabric: 85% polyester 15% nylon

The retro blue three-dimensional jacquard fabric is selected, the fabric is tightly woven and thick, and the texture is soft. 

Lining in tonal satin stretch satin. Triangular section glossy yarn has better satin glitter effect and color saturation.

Continuing the design elements of "the a-bend corset" in the early 20th century, the length of the clothes extends to the bottom of the buttocks, creating a more plump chest, a more straight back line, and a beautiful "shape" posture of the buttocks. 

The rising angel wing neckline has an elegant and retro shape ① It blocks the auxiliary breasts to a certain extent, just rightly highlights the beautiful breast shape, modifies the shoulder and neck lines, and reveals the slender neck of the swan.

The front piece, the sides of the waist and the back use 18 fish scales as support to ensure comfortable wearing, excellent shape and stability.

The back adopts a lacing method that shows the waist more to create a wan beauty hourglass proportion The knotting position is at the thinnest part of the waist. The bra can be divided into upper and lower parts to adjust the circumference respectively (the following is the adjustment method of the drawstring).

The front placket can be put on and taken off using a custom metal steel buckle above the waist. Good setting effect and excellent wearability.

The air eye design below the waist section wears the webbing design, which can be flexibly adjusted according to your body shape to meet the comfort and beauty.

Neckline hand-made three-dimensional 3D flowers exquisite heavy work. Embellished with light blue ribbon flowers for the finishing touch. While increasing the three-dimensional layering, people instantly catch the eye.

What is interesting is the hem separation suspender. The finely pleated craftsmanship is close-fitting and comfortable to wear.

Embellished with handmade ribbon bow. Wear with ribbon leg loops to keep the bodice taut. Both beautiful and practical, adding retro charm.

Cotton dress

Size Bust Waist Sleeve Length (Long version) Length (Short version)
 XS 84 62-70 65.5 125.8 78
S 88 66-74 67.5 128 79.5
M 92 70-78 70 130.5 81
L 96 74-82 70 133 82.5

Fabric: 100% cotton

Made of quan cotton jacquard fabric, the fabric has a delicate pattern, retro, elegant and textured, the fabric feels comfortable and soft, dry and breathable, with high density.

Sweetheart neckline with added elastic adjustment It maintains a reserved and elegant style, showing a feminine neck line, and can also unlock the double-wearing method of the one-word neck, which is more elegant and charming.

The chest cup shape with smocked and loose volume can be adjusted by the contrasting color webbing, which can accommodate various chest shapes without picking the figure. The right puff sleeves are full of the retro style of the Middle Ages, which is very good for modifying the arm line.

Slim-fit word waist shape highlights the small.

Two different lengths present distinct styles to choose from: The long princess dress hangs down at the calf, which is the gospel of the pear-shaped body.

Long neckline placket with open button design, embellished with exquisite mushroom bag button design. Small and exquisite details.

Add cotton hollow lace as an embellishment to the long dress. Rich layers, romantic expression of details, with contrasting color polyester-cotton webbing at the lace at the hem, can be tied at will to adjust the looseness of the dress Increase the sense of retro style.

**Production time: about 15 working days

There is 2-3 cm difference according to manual measurement. Please check the measurement chart carefully before you buy the item. Due to the light and screen, a slight color difference may be expected. Thank you for your understanding!

• Handwash your garment gently using warm water and a mild detergent, rinse.
• Squeeze out excess water from the fabric with care.
• Hang the garment to dry away from direct sunlight and heat.
• Iron the garment when it is slightly damp for best results.

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