What's your vibe?

Whatever the vibe, we've got the fits for you!


The process begins with inspiration from luxurious upcycled fabrics and reinterprets vintage inspired fashion to the modern day lifestyle with timeless, unique design and attention to the smallest detail for the modern ÀMBA women with an extra romantic heart everywhere, setting themselves free.


We design months ahead and make sure that the quality and fit of our pieces are absolutely perfect for you. At ÀMBA, we study the form and shape of a woman, look at what fabrics, designs
best compliment high figure whilst making her feel confident. We put pen to paper and turn our ideas into timeless, trend-transcending designs.


We proudly incorporate luxurious, high quality upcycled fabrics into our designs, giving existing resources new life while reducing waste. Additionally, we embrace ingenuity in fashion by using innovative, eco-friendly materials made from natural waste sources that are as gentle on our planet as on our bodies.


From sketch to launch, everything is created from scratch in house by our team of incredible designers and creatives. With much excitement, we launch our collections of these beautiful pieces in tiny batch to test the success of items or making them available for you to pre-order to ensure all of our beautiful garments end up in loving homes and to reduce waste.


We produce small inventories then operates on a pre-order basis. Our skilled tailors meticulously craft your garment with love and care, allowing us to craft garments based on customer demand, thereby minimizing excess inventory and waste. In line with our zero-waste commitment, any remaining fabric surplus is repurposed into accessories or responsibly recycled.


Your garment is shipped to you with love ♡ With timeless and unique pieces, they are made to keep, and pieces you will treasure forever.


It's À Mon Bel Amour!

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