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A cool yet playful skirt, the combination of a bra and a pleated skirt. Wrap the body to the greatest extent and outline the figure exquisitely.

The pleated mini dress neutralizes the European and American tone brought by khaki. Looks more lively and girly. Blooming girl's innocence. Heartwarming and healing.

The version adopts a fitted waist and A-line skirt design that is rare for denim items. The green and gray denim with a retro atmosphere is matched with a bra structure. It is a fierce collision between feminine softness and tough style. The upper body is a fishbone bra style. The divided design of the bra can better wrap the body. Added chest padding for easy wearing.

The upper body is a fishbone bra style. The divided design of the bra can better wrap the body Added chest padding for easy wearing. Added chest padding to show breast shape! While fixing the waist, it emphasizes the female curves. The exquisite fishbone shape segmentation visually makes the body slimmer. The silhouette uses the elasticity of the fabric to take in all the excess, so it is closer to the body than previous dresses.

Put the zipper in the front and center to make it more eye-catching and unique. Large double-ended metal zipper design. Highlight the uninhibited punk style. Large double-ended metal zipper design highlights the uninhibited punk style.

The division of the lower body stretches the body proportions. The diagonal division from the side to the front makes the waist slimmer. Both sides are combined with pleated skirt design.

Injecting a college style atmosphere, the upper body is more lively and cute. The A-line version can effectively cover the legs. It is the most suitable dress for pear-shaped girls.

Brownie full body draping. We grind out the pattern bit by bit, it’s heavy work and waste materials. When laid flat, you can see the densely packed pieces and dividing lines. The pleated skirts on both sides cover the fake crotch. It’s really a great effort to create a bust-waist-hip ratio at all costs. The shoulders are freely tied to add a girly feel. Reveal slender clavicle lines.

The shoulders are freely tied to add a girly feel. Reveal slender clavicle lines. The shoulders are freely tied to increase the girlish look. Entirely lined design. Cotton-like material is skin-friendly and comfortable, breathable and non-sticky.

The whole piece is lined with cotton-like material that is skin-friendly and comfortable.

The use of imitation denim material has a comfortable feel and a sense of silhouette. The fabric is thicker and wear-resistant, ensuring that the fabric is light, thin and resilient, making it stylish but not rigid, not easily deformed, and environmentally friendly weaving technology to reduce excess clothing materials. The fabric is soft, comfortable and thicker than ordinary denim. It has strong wrapping properties but does not feel too restrictive. The delicate bamboo texture on the surface shows the old style of denim. Natural dyes, high color fastness, texture as time passes, and the olive retro effect makes the denim material more elegant and layered.

• Handwash your garment gently using warm water and a mild detergent, rinse.

• Squeeze out excess water from the fabric with care.

• Hang the garment to dry away from direct sunlight and heat.

• Iron the garment when it is slightly damp for best results.

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