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The entire dress uses a variety of lace materials and is hand-sewn with pearls. The overall decoration is complicated and exquisite, and the details are full of matching designs and Gatsby.

The upper body is slim, the waist is slim, and the hem is spliced ​​with 4 layers of lace starting from the hips. Each piece has a different shape, like a rolling mountain wave with a sense of rhythm. It is very complicated and time-consuming. Two kinds of fabrics are layered in the ABAB method. The hems of the second and fourth layers are stitched together and hemmed with lace to make the edges more obvious and more delicate.

The sleeves are spliced ​​with mutton leg sleeves. The sleeves are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. The seemingly simple sleeves, including the shoulder pads, are spliced ​​with 4 pieces to achieve the effect of a retro palace. The sleeves have a certain amount of looseness and are not restrictive when worn. There are long slits on the inside of the sleeves, fastened with ears and satin buckles. The cuffs are V-shaped and have lace hemming.

The neckline is spliced ​​with a Chinese-style small stand-up collar, and two kinds of lace decorations are collaged to depict the shape. The collar edge on the upper part of the lace is also decorated with small pearls. A small butterfly lace is sewn in the middle of the neckline, and is matched with 3 clusters of pearl tassels and mesh lace on the sleeve clips. The lace accessories decorate the neckline with a pair of symmetrical lace flowers and small pearl embellishments sewn on them.

A mirror-like lace accessory is used to connect to the middle of the chest, and 9 pearl tassels are sewn to give the overall lace shape a downward depth without looking dull. The tassel pearl decoration also makes it more flexible when walking. In the middle of the back is a top-to-top zipper. The two sides of the zipper are patchworked with lace and decorated with satin buckles.

6 kinds of fabrics are used throughout the whole body, and the workmanship is exquisite and complicated. Large body mesh lace jacquard, very soft and delicate, the jacquard part has a satin luster, exquisite and beautiful. The second layer of the body is made of 100% acetate satin, which is soft and smooth.

The surface of the fabric has a slightly wrinkled texture and a soft and high-grade luster. Because the top layer of lace is mesh, the luster of acetic acid can also be slightly reflected; The lining is made of four-sided elastic, soft and skin-friendly. The hem is made of two types of lace. In addition to the large mesh lace, there is also a mesh lace jacquard with a matte texture. The two types of lace create contrast; The neckline is spliced ​​with simple mesh, connecting the collar and dress. The mesh is slightly see-through, revealing the skin, making it more sexy. The inner layer of the puff sleeves is made of stiffer mesh and a small shoulder pad is used to make the sleeves fuller. In addition to the fabric, 6 kinds of lace accessories are also used to decorate the neckline, cuffs, chest and hem.

The entire extended wedding dress is made of 4 kinds of fabrics. The outer mesh lace jacquard is very soft and delicate. The jacquard part has a satin luster, which is exquisite and beautiful. The second layer is 100% acetate satin. The surface of the soft and draping fabric has a slightly wrinkled texture. The luster is soft and high-end. Because the top layer of lace is mesh, the acetic acid luster can also be slightly reflected. The lining is four-sided stretch, soft and skin-friendly. A 280G rubberized cotton interlining is added between the lining and the second layer of fabric to make the bag more crisp and stylish.

Fabric composition: 70% nylon 30% polyester

Ingredients 1: 100% acetic acid

Ingredients 2: 100% nylon

Ingredients 3: 100% nylon

Lining: 88% polyester, 12% spandex

• Handwash your garment gently using warm water and a mild detergent, rinse.
• Squeeze out excess water from the fabric with care.
• Hang the garment to dry away from direct sunlight and heat.
• Iron the garment when it is slightly damp for best results.

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