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About Preorder

What is preorder?

Most of our pieces are made to order as we are aiming to reduce waste and the environmental impact of over production as well as emphasizing quality.

Preorder is a process where your purchase an item in advance of it being made. A pre-order item is a product that is not in stock, and that has not yet been produced.

Preorders allow small brands like ours to gauge customer interest and consequent demand, eliminating overproduction and waste.

Slow, small-batch fashion. We believe in creating small production runs of a few, thoughtful styles each season. We only produce clothing we truly believe in rather than constant drops of too many.

When you pre-order an item with us, you may have to wait a little longer for its delivery, but what you have to look forward to is a unique, made-to-order item crafted with love and attention, especially for you.

Why do we operate with preorder?

We are a small brand and only have the capacity to make a limited number of garments. By offering preorder we can ensure we are making the right quantities of the sizes our customers need without excess product.

How long does it take make items preordered?

We provide an estimated shipping date for preorders, however, please understand that we cannot guarantee an exact date. In general, items take about 2-4 business weeks to make. This amount of time is due to our small team of and the complexity of our designs.

Please note that production time will not be included in the shipping time. So the time span for the customers to receive a pre-order item is production time + processing time + shipping time.

If your order contains in-stock and preorder items, everything will be shipped together when available.

What are our future plans with preorder?

We do not plan on eliminating preorder but as our brand grows we would like to constantly have bestselling items (these are our base line that is not limited edition for the season). We also plan to offer custom sizing via preorder in the future.

If you have any questions please reach out to us at

(please note Instagram DMs may be lost or hidden by Instagram so we cannot guarantee a reply to you on there)