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Brand Story

Our mission is to carefully curate romantic and ethereal clothing to inspire the modern dreamers with an extra romantic heart 🩰🕊️ À Mon Bel Amour in French means To My Beautiful Love and you - our customers - are all our beautiful loves 💖

The store pride's as a premium boutique that bring you timely apparel designed and meticulously crafted by skilled Chinese local craftman. The store reinterprets vintage inspired fashion to the modern day lifestyle with timeless, unique design, exceptional quality and attention to detail.

ÀMonBelAmour is a low waste company, producing small inventories to test the success of items, then using pre-order to predict how much to buy on popular styles for future rounds. This ensures no dangerous dumping or contribution to landfill.

At ÀMonBelAmour, we believe sustainably made clothing is respectful to the environment. We honor the artisans who craft our garments through our commitment to fair labor practices. Our entire production model demonstrates this support of sustainable practices on a human and environmental level. Our apparel is crafted in a small-scale workshop using upcycled fabrics from luxury fashion houses and the finest eco-fabrics.

Ultimately, if there’s one thing we hope you take away from all of us at ÀMonBelAmour is that we want you to explore the styles out of your comfort zone and play mix and match with your clothes. Do not restrict yourself because your style is not the current ‘trend’. We are living in a world where the word ‘pretty’ is often very defined. Too defined. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Wear what you want, and do not let the normality engraved by society define who you are, and what you should or should not wear.

Note from ÀMonBelAmour: Thank you for being our muse and we sincerely hope you have fun incorporating our selections in your lifestyle, and express your individuality through these curated collections!