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Brand ethos

ÀMonBelAmour is a Female startup, owned by a woman and run by a woman. When you shop, you are supporting female business owners.

We work hand in hand with a talented manufacturing team in China to create fanciful pieces you'll want to keep forever. Read about why we are so proud of our manufacturer, and producing with them in China!

ÀMonBelAmour aims for cultural diversity from the inside out, today with us, Chinese partners, and Chinese craftsmen, ÀMonBelAmour's core company is a small team consisting of a diverse group of women, and continues to seek new cultural perspectives from it's employees and dedicated fan base.

Tell me more...

ÀMonBelAmour is low waste! We cut very small runs of inventory and pre sell many of our best sellers to ensure that each garment is going to someone that loves it. We do not produce mass bulk. Some garments have only 5-10 ever made! This is why sizes sell out quickly and our fans are fast to shop each drop.

ÀMonBelAmour is not 100% sustainable due to the use of polyester, but we are consciously committed to finding environmental ways to evolve- and not just as a marketing ploy. Fabric impact is complicated, we encourage you to research different fabrications and their impacts on the environment - all fabrics have an impact unless they are vintage, so it's hard to avoid. But with pressure from you on brands you love, the more we can collectively change the way factories treat their fabrics and begin to lower the expensive price tag attached to sustainable practice.

With every collection, we aim to improve our footprint. Going sustainable is expensive (without mass production), which makes it hard to balance while maintaining a good price for you, our customer! With growth and purchasing power we get closer to affording our environmental goals.

Learn About our Manufacturer!

Established in 2021, ÀMonBelAmour's partner is a designer clothing manufacturer, who boast some of the most highly respected runway brands in the world! Their headquarters are located in Guangzhou - the renowned light industry center of China.

Labor excellence: Fast fashion has led us to accumulate more clothes than ever, chasing fleeting trends and discarding garments at an alarming rate. Yet, the low costs of these trends often conceal labor exploitation and the environmental toll they take. At ÀMonBelAmour, we choose a different path, hiring skilled Chinese local artisans and ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. With our dedication to honest and ethical labor practices, ÀMonBelAmour is committed to being part of the solution, not the problem.

We source many of our materials from renowned suppliers in France, Italy and Japan, setting us apart from fast fashion brands. The quality of our fabrics and craftsmanship far exceeds that of market knockoffs.

Our designs often include elements like boning, intricate prints, lace, fishtail cuts, and luxurious textured fabrics. We use expert tailoring techniques to beautifully shape and accentuate the body's natural curves. Each piece is crafted to inspire and enhance your femininity, making you feel elegant and special.

Our Manufacturer aims to turn the principles of Social Responsibility into a corporate culture. For that reason, social compliance standards are rigorously applied within the company. They execute production of goods and services in line with the highest internationally accepted Social Compliance standards. Therefore, they are committed to guaranteeing their employees have all the rights to which they are entitled by law and other applicable standards, conforming to all occupational health and safety rules, and always acting with a view to avoid environmental pollution wherever possible.

All of ÀMonBelAmour's prints are created in house, and all fabrics are carefully and ethically sourced from different regions of China.

No Discrimination

Fair Remuneration

Decent Working Hours

Occupational Health and Safety

No Child Labour

Special Protection for Young Workers

No Precarious Employment

No Bonded Labour

Protection of the Environment

Ethical Business Behaviour