Narnia skirt

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The wrinkled texture of the fabric, combined with the horizontal ribbon binding as decoration, makes the whole look like an ancient vase with filigree and fine gold craftsmanship. The embellishment of the colorful bow adds a touch of romantic color from South France, making the style more girlish and more eye-catching. Transparency of style.

The length and size of the bows can be adjusted by oneself, and they are scattered one by one, just like tassels, light and elegant in movement. The right amount of fishtail swing gives the skirt a flexible and swaying shape without being exaggerated, making the figure more graceful.

Smocked fabrics with positioning embroidery are selected and processed with fine high- techniques. All details require meticulous custom-made weaving.

Golden stitches are embroidered into pear blossoms, showing lush branches and leaves, gorgeous flowers and leaves

The base fabric is matched with beige-pink fine mesh

Highlight the pure and elegant atmosphere of pear flowers.

The lace exposed at the breast cup is smart and elegant, adding to the sweetness of the style. This bra does not have a breast cotton design. The breast cup is made of five layers of gauze fabric. This design is easy for fashionistas to layer as an outer bra. Wearing a steel ring will make your breasts fuller, less stuffy and more transparent and decorative.

The precise cutting of the lace creates a beautiful symmetrical line on the front and abdomen.

The soft fish bones form a silhouette that best suits you according to the curves. The W-shaped hem can well modify the waist line and create a slim waist.

The polka-dot flocked mesh is used as a fungus decoration. Compared with lace, it is more playful and retro. To add a sense of modern drama, the overall color is "wedding white", which makes it look brighter when paired with a skirt. It looks fresher and sweeter when paired with denim blue bottoms.

Use flocked polka-dot mesh as the body fabric. The white polka-dots use flocking technology to form a fine texture on the base. The delicate base is soft and comfortable, anti-wrinkle and easy to take care of. The anti-static mesh has a hard texture. Modify the shape without losing the comfort of the skin. The mesh is fine and compact, without feeling cheap, and the looming and dreamy colors are added.

• Handwash your garment gently using warm water and a mild detergent, rinse.

• Squeeze out excess water from the fabric with care.

• Hang the garment to dry away from direct sunlight and heat.

• Iron the garment when it is slightly damp for best results.

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